Roanoke Air Conditioning Replacements

We know a thing or two about Roanoke air conditioning replacements at Renowned Heating and Air. We’ve been doing them for years. As a result, we know when people need air conditioning replacements in Roanoke TX, and when they’ll be better off getting a repair. People trust us, because they know we’ll always be straightforward. You’ll never have to worry about us trying to push a new system on you when a repair will do just fine.

When to Repair, and When to Replace

There are many instances where Roanoke air conditioning replacements will simply make more sense from a long-term financial perspective. There are other times where contractors will recommend air conditioning replacements in Roanoke TX when they’re really not called for.

One of the most important components in an AC system is the condenser. This is the part of the system that sits outside. If you’re not getting cool air in your home, or you notice that water is accumulating near the condenser, that might mean it’s about to fail. When this happens, people will typically need air conditioning replacements in Roanoke TX. But there is still a chance the problem can be fixed with a repair. Here’s some information on how to tell the difference.

  • If the condenser is just dirty, that’s a very simple fix. One of our experts can thoroughly clean out the component, and clear away any vegetation that might be causing an obstruction.
  • The condenser might just have a faulty capacitor, or a bad relay switch that needs to be replaced. Again, this is an easy repair.
  • If the motor has failed, it could be replaced. But if your system is old, you might be better served buying a completely new unit. If the condenser coil has failed, then you’ll definitely need a replacement.

Let the professionals in Roanoke air conditioning replacements recommend your best course of action. You can contact Renowned Heating and Air online, or you can give us a call at (817) 350-9150. We’ll always give you an honest opinion of whether you’ll be better off with a repair or a replacement.


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