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All good Southlake air conditioning contractors know that regular maintenance can really extend the lifespan of a cooling system. At Renowned Heating and Air, our air conditioning contractors in Southlake TX can provide the maintenance services you’ll need to really rest easy. You’ll know that your AC will be ready to keep you cool and comfortable through yet another hot Texas summer.

AC Maintenance You Can Do on Your Own

You should obviously call our Southlake air conditioning contractors to keep your unit in the best possible shape. Never try to do any sort of work to the inside components – the risks are just too great, regardless of how good you might be with a set of tools. Keep the technical stuff to the professionals. But there are actually a few things you can do on your own. Here are just a couple to keep in mind.

  • Change the air filter –You’d be surprised at how often people call our air conditioning contractors in Southlake TX because they can’t feel any cold air out of their vents – only to find out a dirty air filter was the culprit. Try to change yours every three months – do it every one or two months if you have pets that do a lot of shedding. A clean filter will make it much easier for air to move through your home.
  • Keep the outside unit clean – The outside portion of your AC system is known as the condenser. When it gets clogged with leaves, weeds and/or debris, that can block airflow. Make sure you keep the area around the condenser as clear of obstructions as you can. If you’re still having problems, or you want to know more about cleaning the condenser, get in touch with our team of air conditioning contractors in Southlake TX.


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Whenever you need any sort of AC maintenance or repair work, the Southlake air conditioning contractors with Renowned Heating and Air will be here for you. Set an appointment by contacting us online or calling (817) 350-9150.


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