Southlake Air Conditioning Replacements

When certain components fail, that’s when people will often need Southlake air conditioning replacements. The compressor is probably the biggest culprit. When it breaks down, the cost of replacing this part will be so high, that the owner will be better off simply purchasing a new system. The blower motor is a component that, if it breaks down, could lead to a compressor failure. The experts in air conditioning replacements in Southlake TX with Renowned Heating and Air have some information that can tell you if your system’s blower motor might be about to stop working for good.

Blower Motor Warning Signs

People don’t necessarily need Southlake air conditioning replacements just because a blower motor is having a problem. However, if you ignore the indications of an issue, that could cause the motor to fail completely – that’s when you could eventually have a compressor problem. Again, when this happens, that usually means it’s time for air conditioning replacements in Southlake TX. But you can avoid this problem if you contact Renowned Heating and Air if any of the following occur.

  • No air from the vents – While this could simply mean you have a clogged air filter or a bad capacitor, it could also indicate a malfunctioning blower motor. Contact Renowned Heating and Air so we can get to the bottom of what’s going on.
  • The system isn’t producing any air at all – This usually indicates a blower motor problem. If your thermostat is working correctly, get in touch with our experts in air conditioning replacements in Southlake TX as soon as you can.
  • Your monthly bill has suddenly shot up – If your blower motor isn’t working correctly, your whole system will have to work too hard to keep you cool. This means your energy bill will spike. You might be better off with a more energy efficient system.

Renowned Heating and Air professionals have years of experience performing Southlake air conditioning replacements. Learn more by giving us a call at (817) 350-9150 or using our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.


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