Southlake HVAC Maintenance Company

If you choose Renowned Heating and Air as your Southlake HVAC maintenance company, you’ll be making a great decision. It means you’ll be taking the action necessary in order to help your AC system last as long as it can possibly last. Our HVAC maintenance company in Southlake TX is staffed with experts who have a deep understanding of every make and model of AC system. While you should never try to work on any system component yourself, there are a few maintenance steps you can perform on your own to keep it running its best.

Clear the Area Around the Condenser

The technicians with our Southlake HVAC maintenance company routinely see issues related to the outdoor part of the AC system, the condenser. If only homeowners had taken a few simple steps, they probably could have avoided those problems. Make sure your condenser is clear of debris, such as acorns and vegetation. They can get into the condenser, making it have to work much too hard.

Switch Out Your Filter

While our HVAC maintenance company in Southlake TX can take a close look at all of your AC system components, and make any minor repairs or adjustments that be necessary, you can change out the air filter yourself. It’s very important you do this at least once every three months, because a clogged filter can make it impossible for your AC to cool your home.

Clean the Condensate Drain

This is the drain that sits near the indoor portion of your system. If it’s clogged, your AC won’t be as efficient as it should be. A representative with our HVAC maintenance company in Southlake TX can tell you exactly how to do this.

Feel Free to Ask Questions

If you have any questions regarding things you can do to help your AC system work better, don’t hesitate to get int touch with our Southlake HVAC maintenance company. You can give Renowned Heating and Air a call at (817) 350-9150, or you can use our convenient online form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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